How does it work?

The Go e-Bike project was developed by the South East Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran). The project has involved setting up a series of hubs across the region. The hubs are developed with a mix of local community organisations, charities and academic institutions. Each hub is unique and tailored to its community to support long term sustainability.

E-Bikes and support infrastructure are provided based on an assessment of the requirements of the proposed hub in partnership with local stakeholders.

Ongoing support is provided for each GO e-Bike hub. Each hub insures the equipment and promotes user safety. SEStran also offers help with cycle training in association with Cycling Scotland. Each hub supports the sustainability of the program by helping to promote GO e-Bike and contributing to ongoing research.

Why Go e-Bike?

Enabling access to e-bikes allows more people to experience the benefits of e-bikes and cycling as both a leisure activity and mode of transport.  The Go e-Bike hubs offer affordable or free access to a low carbon and healthy means of transport across the South East Scotland region.

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Promoting active travel
Cycling is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Promoting the use of e-bikes through the hubs helps people to experience an alternative to their usual transport choice or leisure activity. The e-bikes provide the opportunity for  people to get physically active and see more of their local community.
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Increasing accessibility
E-bikes have the potential to help widen access to cycling to a much greater audience. Due to their power assist they can allow people to take up or continue cycling into later life, so supporting improving health into older age. They can also enable those with reduced mobility or injury to be able to use a bike.
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Creating connections
E-bikes can be a great way of connecting places. This could be through connecting rural communities together where there are limited alternatives. E-bikes can also provide valuable links between town centres and bus and train stations. By enabling further distances to be traveled, e-bikes and e-cargo bikes supplied through Go e-Bike can expand the reach of community organisations and social enterprises. E-bikes can also provide a practical alternative to short car journeys so helping to reduce congestion and pollution.

Riders Testimonials


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Allen Armstrong Co-founder and Co-Secretary of CLEAR

“Having the e-bike here is really helpful in making me more efficient. If I need to get along to the Hub or on site quickly, I don’t need to use our own car – which my wife sometimes is already using – but just jump on the electric bike. It takes most of the effort out of cycling around the locality, neutralises the wind factor which can be significant and is always a pleasure.
It just saves a good bit of time. I’m often carrying smaller items and having the assisted power makes it less burdensome moving those around too. CLEAR runs a regular bike workshop and also organises occasional bike runs so we took the – e-bikes out a couple of times in the better weather and were able to travel considerably further than usual. We hope to do more of this next summer”

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Maureen West Lothian

“I used the e-bike for two leisure trips with my husband, it was wonderful – loved it. I am seriously considering buying one and using it for local shopping/library trips as well as leisure – my husband is a keen cyclist and I am too slow going up hills to keep up with him. I got a great kick out of overtaking him on a steep hill!”

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Anonymous St Andrews

“The e-bike allows me to get from my office to the University Sports Centre at lunchtime without driving – it’s too far to walk in the time available. I park on the edge of town in the morning, cycle to the office, cycle to the Sports Centre and back at lunchtime and then cycle back to my car in the evening. I do this 2-4 times a week”

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