Employer Roadshow

The employer roadshow offers employers the opportunity to trial an e-bike pool scheme on their premises. Employers receive access to E-bikes that are free to use by employees.  Users are engaged through a series of launch and on-going events, and through channels established with employers.

The Employer Roadshow provides trials of smart lock enabled e-bike fleets to employers for 2-6 weeks. The roadshow offers employers the opportunity to gauge interest in a pool bike scheme as a long-term solution of employers paying for e-bikes as part of their business travel, and in some cases offering a try-before-you buy offer with employees and local bike retailers.

In 2018 the Go e-Bike employer pool of 14 e-bikes was provided to 9 different employers in the South East Scotland. A total of 326 users registered across the 9 sites.

See a summary report of Go e-bike in 2018 here: Go E Bike Summary Report 2018

Case Study: Sweco Go e-Bike Employer Roadshow

One employer who took up the Go e-Bike offer during 2018 was Sweco, an Edinburgh-based consultancy based in the Fountainbridge area. During the roadshow they had 18 employees sign up and 98 trips were taken on the bikes. Since the scheme finished two staff members have purchased e-bikes and Sweco is applying to Cycling Scotland for a grant to buy 4 e-bikes. The Roadshow was established to give a taster of e-bikes and maximise reach to multiple employers, inviting a conversation about a permanent solution, the Roadshow has positively shown them where they can use e-bikes for business travel.Sweco’s experience of the scheme was fantastic. From their point of view, the staff had a great experience and were sad to see it end. It encouraged people to really think about how they were commuting and if other ways of travelling could suit them.In addition to causing their own staff and business to consider their travel choices other tenants in the building asked about how to get involved in the scheme.